Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Birthday

So, today (Valentine's Day) is The Wife's birthday. Since money is very tight, I thought I would use this platform to be romantic (or at least my version of romantic).

As we were driving to the hospital on the morning The Rocket Queen was born, The Wife was, understandably, nervous. Even though she had already had two c-sections, she was still anxious about having another one. Under normal not-about-to-have-a-game-changing-third-baby circumstances, The Wife sometimes tells me that my driving makes her nauseous (mostly if she thinks I take corners too fast), so I was being extra careful and concentrating on the driving. I don't remember how the conversation started, but The Wife asked me to tell her three tings I love about her:

Me: Um, let's see. You're cute, you're sweet, and you're funny.

There, that was good.

The Wife: (annoyed) That's it? Really?

Me: What? That was three.

The Wife: That's so generic. You could be saying that about anybody. I want you to tell me three specific things you love about me.

Me: That's not generic, and I can't say that about anybody anybody else.

The Wife: (madder) I want you to say three things you love about me. This shouldn't be that hard!

I'm trying to drive us there safely, and trying to figure out how to defuse the very pregnant and hormotional (hormonal + emotional = hormotional) timebomb that's threatening to explode in my front seat.

Me: Um...

The Wife: And you'd better not say I'm cute and sweet.

Me: (Don't worry about THAT) Sweetie, relax. Calm down, I'm just trying to get us there safely...

I don't remember all of the details of the "conversation" but it got bad. In trying to calm her down, I somehow made things worse, and worse, and worse, until:

The Wife: You're so mean. I can't believe you're being this mean right now when I'm about to have major surgery. You know what? I don't want you to come in with me. Just drop me off in front of the hospital.


Me: Sweetie, I'm not dropping you off in front of the hospital.

I don't remember how, but the situation somehow resolved itself. I think there was an apology made by me and agreement that I had been incredibly insensitive in telling her that I thought she was funny, cute and sweet. Looking back, it's easy to see what a monster I was!

The end result of the pre-The Rocket Queen jitters is I made The Wife a list for our anniversary of some of the reasons I love her. Without furhter ado...

I Love You Because...

25. You (almost) always believe in me;

24: You're a great friend (even when some people don't deserve it);

23: You're never afraid to speak your mind (even when it might be unpopular);

22: You complement me so well;

21: You compliment me so well;

20:You're the best mom three kids could have (swear words included);

19: Even though it might look silly, you'll wear a bunny hat to walk around the block;

18: You're really sweet;

17: Even though you're far more stubborn than you think you are, you always admit when you're wrong and apologize when you should;

16: (Not for general consumption);

15: You're not scared to be yourself;

14: You make me laugh (especially when you do your The Rocket Queen impressions);

13: You like who I am;

12: You laugh a lot;

11: You're really cute;

10: No matter what you're trying on, no matter where you are, you always strike the same pose in the mirror;

9: No matter how uncomfortable, you do what you need to when you need to;

8: You're a peacemaker;

7: You'd rather have me around than have me stuck in a job I hate just for the money;

6: You're generous;

5: You give great...hugs;

4: You stick with me through rough times;

3: You can look back and laugh at your crazy times;

2: You produce beautiful, handsome, adorable sweet kids; and

1: You're all mine.

Happy Birthday (and Valentine's Day) Sweetie. I love you the most.

Good times.


  1. Great post. I'm totally stealing this idea for my wife.

  2. Awwww GREAT post! It gave me a cavity due to sweetness and made me choke on my tea when I laughed!