Friday, January 20, 2012

Dadageddon 2012: Night One

So, The Wife went to NYC this morning for a work conference, leaving me by myself with Axl, Slash and The Rocket Queen until Tuesday night. While The Boys are in school during the day and The Babysitter is with The Rocket Queen during the day, I'm alone with them at night and all weekend.
The Rocket Queen started saying "no" just in time for The Wife to go away. It's adorable, but she now says "no," which is not totally fantastic. She has also started to dislike staying in her bath seat, which is tremendously stressful. I was giving the three of them a bath tonight and The Rocket Queen kept standing up. I finally allowed her to get out of her seat after I was done washing her, but then she started sliding all over. I tried to fill up a cup with clean water to give her a final rinse down and she started to slide down into the water. Axl did a great job helping out by holding her up by her arms while I finshed getting the rinse-down water.
My approach this weekend is to bribe The Boys with dessert and hope they behave until I can get them down to bed on Sunday night so I can watch the Giants game. We have Dessertapalooza planned for tomorrow night and everyone's looking forward to it.
I'm sure there'll be more to report tomorrow, but for now I'm going to finish watching "The Devil's Own," the classic Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt movie about an IRA dude living with an NYPD sergeant and his family.
Number of beers consumed so far this weekend: 1
Number of mini-chocolate cream pies consumed: Half.
Good times.

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