Monday, November 7, 2011


So, our house has been the sick house for the last few weeks. Two weekends ago, Axl came down with a virus and started to feel pretty droopy. By Sunday night he had a little fever, and The Wife took him to the pediatrician’s office on Monday morning. The pediatrician discovered that his spleen was enlarged, which could have been very bad. They ran a bunch of blood tests and, thankfully, everything came back negative. But whatever the virus was hit him hard and it lingered for almost a week.
He was fine by last weekend, but Slash started to feel sick on Monday. By the time I came home on Tuesday (Halloween), Slash had a 102.4 fever.  It practically took an act of congress to get him to take some medicine, but he finally did. Like a real trooper, he put on his costume to go trick or treating (he went as Clone Captain Rex from Star Wars: The Clone Wars), but you could tell that he wasn’t into it. He would stand behind Axl when Axl rang a bell and then very quietly say “Trick or treat.”
Slash might be the only kid in the workd to turn candy down on Halloween. People would hold out the bowls of candy, and in between coughing fits (he was bad…half the time he was coughing so badly that he couldn’t even catch his breath) he would look at the candy. At a bunch of the houses, he would look through the candy and then turn and walk away:
Me: Slash, don’t you want to take some candy?
Slash: (sighing and walking away) No, they don’t have anything I want.
Seriously, who does that? Come on kid, take some for Daddy, whether you like the candy or not! The Wife and I finally decided that Slash had to go home (parents of the year that we are, we took our sick kid out trick or treating, but we made him go home early), but Slash wanted me to carry him. That wouldn’t have been too much of a problem except I also had to push The Rocket Queen home too (she was dressed as a little cow, but terrible parents we are, we got almost no pictures). I tried holding Slash in one arm and pushing the stroller with the other, but Slash has gotten pretty heavy and it was hard.  We also told Slash that Axl would take his candy bag and trick or treat for him, which eased the sting a little.
Both Axl and Slash have been coughing off and on for the last few weeks. Slash’s coughing is much worse at night.
Slash was sick for the next few days but was better by the end of the week. However, The Rocket Queen started coughing on Saturday evening.  Her cough sounded terrible, and when she woke up on Sunday morning, The Wife thought she was having trouble breathing. I ended up taking her to urgent care yesterday morning and she was basically fine. She either has a bad cold that’s going around or the virus The Boys had.  The Wife took her to the pediatrician today and she has croop.  She sounds awful and I feel so bad for her every time she coughs because she sounds like a wounded seal. My poor, sweet little The Rocket Queen.
Yup, our house has been almost nothing but sick kids for the last few weeks, but hopefully, things are going to start getting healthier.
Good times.

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